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Learn to Skate

Our Learn to Skate program is designed to bring new kids, teenagers and adults who have never skated before and teach them using the USA Learn to Skate model. This model is designed to take beginners and move them through different levels until they are competent skates.  This program will also help skaters who have been on the ice refine their skills. 

We have three different days for Learn to Skate, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday mornings and Sunday mornings. There are two different teaching sessions, one is the fall session that runs from October to the end of December, and the other is the winter session, which starts in January and goes until the last week in February.

Once registered we will place you into the appropriate level, and once we get on the ice we can adjust the levels as necessary.


Choose the links below to learn more about each day and session


Snow Plow Sam 1-2    Parent or guardian must accompany child in this class.

Your child will learn how to sit and stand up independently on and off the ice.  March in place.  March forward 8-10 steps.  March, glide on two feet.  Dip in place.  This is a great first class for a young beginner skaters 3-5 yrs.  Bubbles, toys and washable markers for drawing on the ice will be used to help children learn.

Snow Plow 3-4    Parent may be asked to participate

The next level is to begin marching, followed by a long glide.  Dip while moving.  Backward wiggles, six in a row.  Rocking horse (one forward and one backward swizzle in place).

Children learn 8-10 forward skating steps/pushes.  Forward one foot glide R and L.  Forward swizzles 4-6 in a row.  Backward swizzles 4-6 in a row.  Forward snowplow stop with a skid.  Curves

Basic 1:  Parent or guardian must accompany child in this class.

Children 5 years and older will learn the proper way to fall and get up from a kneeling position, skating forward across the rink without falling, gliding forward on two feet, forward two foot swizzles, snowplow stop and two foot hop and stopping.  We work on confidence while having a lot of fun!

Basic 2:

Backward skating on two feet, backward two foot glide, backward swizzles, forward one foot glide, two foot turn from forward to backward, forward one foot swizzles on a circle (in both directions), backward one foot snowplow stop.  We are starting to build on our skills.

Basic 3:

Forward stroking (utilizing correct use of blade and neat footwork), backward one foot swizzles on a circle, both directions, forward to backward two foot turn on a circle, continuous forward two foot sways (slalom), one foot snowplow stop (R&L), backward to forward two foot turn on a circle.

Basic 4:

Forward outside edges, forward inside edges, forward crossovers, backward one-foot glide, forward outside three turns.

Basic 5:

Back outside edges, back inside edges, back crossovers, back outside three turn, hockey stop.

Basic 6:

Forward inside open Mohawks, forward inside three turns, T-stop, Backward inside three turns, seven step Mohawk combination and the skater will be asked to choose and combine any three movements which they have learned in Basic Skills 1 - 6.

Basic 7 and 8

Forward inside open Mohawk, backward outside to forward outside transition on a circle, ballet jump, backward crossovers to backward outside edge, beginning scratch spin.  Moving forward outside and inside three turns, Right and Left.  Combination step sequence.  One foot spin.  Waltz jump.  Mazurka.