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Northshire Skating Academy Classes

Learn to Skate - USA

Official Learn to Skate Website.

Learn to Skate: 2019-2020 season   

NO Registration Deadline for Fall and Winter Classes!

Fall classes begin 10/27/19, winter classes begin 1/8/20

JISP skating classes begin 1/7/20

Scholarships available for one or more programs.

If you prefer a paper registration for our fall/winter semester classes(not JISP) click …link below

Providing a fun and safe skating experience for all skaters, beginner to advanced, with programming endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating and USA Hockey, Skating Academy teaches correct skating technique while promoting physical fitness.

Students can choose to skate recreationally or advance to the competitive worlds of figure skating and hockey.

Stage 1: Discover, Learn and Play: Introductory levels to allow new skaters with no prior skating experience to build confidence while learning to skate.

Stage 2: FUNdamentals: The focus is on developing all of the fundamental skating skills. Upon completion of these levels, skaters will be able to confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating.

Stage 3: Specialty and Advanced: These levels provide skaters an opportunity to explore and experience different types and disciplines of skating.


Fall & Winter Class Price: $99.00  7wks


Learn to Skate-USA Fall and Winter Classes
4:00pm - 4:30pm
Basic 5-8
Intro to Figure Skating
Jump and Spin
4:30pm - 5:00pm
Basic 1
Basic 2
Basic 3-4
5:00pm - 5:30pm
Beginner Adult/Teen
Snow Plow Sam 1-2
Snow Plow 3-4

TOT Hockey class has been added to Wednesday at 5:00pm

THURSDAY 10:00am-11:30am
Adult Coffee Club
Snow Plow Sam 1-2  3-5yrs
Home School Skate
SUNDAY 11:15am - 12:45pm
Tot Hockey
Snow Plow Sam 1-2
Snow Plow Sam 3-4
Beginner Adult/Teen
Basic 1
Basic 2
Intermediate Adult/Teen
Basic 3-4
Basic 5-8
Intro to figure skating
For more information on morning classes including adult, tots (3yr-5yr), and homeschool skating please contact Martina Grattan at or call 802-362-0150 ext 208

See above for days/times

  • Classes have two semesters: Fall begins 10/27/19 and Winter begins 1/8/20
  • Classes are on Wednesday , Thursday and Sunday(fall semester only). 
  • Free open skating during class times for parents and siblings of registered child, unregistered family members must pay to rent skates if they don't have their own. Bring your own skates!
  • Rental skates included with registration for all programs.
  • Beginner skaters, adult, toddler, figure skating and home school and senior classes are available.
  • A “Walk On” (includes 1 hour of free time and 30 minute class)fee for any class is $20.00 for an adult or child.  Space permitting.

JL Scholarships are available for one or multiple programs!   Deadline is 12/28/19.  You may apply for more than one program!  Please don’t delay.

Please contact Martina Grattan at 802-362-0150 ext 208 or with questions.  I’m happy to help.  See you on the ice!


Q: Which skate should I use?


  • If you are a recreational or novice ice skater, it is better to use skates you may have used/worn in the past.  Hockey skates are comfortable to use. Figure skates are easier for a very beginner skater due to the flatter blade for balance. Either skate is suitable for learning. 

Q: What size skates do you rent?

A: We have skates available for small children and up to adult sizes.


Q:  Can I bring a stroller or a sled on the ice?  

A:  No, our insurance does not allow strollers or sleds on the ice.  


Q: Hockey Skates vs Figure Skates

Hockey Skates

  • Hockey skates are designed for speed, comfort and protection. The blades of a hockey skate are generally soldered directly into the skate and the skate itself is often made of firm, tough material to protect the foot and ankle of the hockey player

Function of Hockey Skates

  • Hockey players need to be able to stop, start and turn quickly and in a tight area. Because of this, the blades of a hockey skate are sharpened regularly to maintain their deep "U" shape. Hockey skate blades are also shaped like rockers on a rocking chair, meaning the front and back of the blade don't touch the ground when the skate is flat. 

Figure Skates

  • Figure skates have toe picks at the front of the blade. Figure skate blades are flatter, longer and heavier than hockey skates. Figure skates are easier to use for beginners, especially children. Figure skates are also traditionally made of leather.

Function of Figure Skates

  • Figure skaters need to balance in the middle of the blade.  Depending on the nature of the movement being performed, figure skaters will use the front toe picks or the heel of the blade to balance and execute tricks.

Varying Blades

  • Within hockey and figure skates, there is an even higher degree of variance. Figure blades are flatter and longer and easy to balance on.  For instance, hockey goalie skates are specially designed for shifting back and forth in front of the goal.


Martina Grattan

Skating Director

Phone: 802-362-0150 x208