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JISP - Junior Instruction Skating Program

Online Skating Registration

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JISP  8wks  2020

Tuesday: 1/7,  1/14,  1/21,  1/28,  2/4,  2/11,  2/25, 3/3

Wednesday: 1/8,  1/15,  1/22,  1/29,  2/5,  2/12,  2/26, 3/4

Thursday: 1/9,  1/16,  1/23,  1/30,  2/6  2/13,  2/27, 3/5 

Friday: 1/10,  1/17,  1/24,  1/31,  2/7,  2/14,   2/28, 3/6

JISP $139.00 
1:00pm-2:45pm  TUESDAY - FRIDAY  8 wks 1/7/20- 3/6/20
Deadline for online registration 12/20/19  $20.00 late fee will apply after deadline.


Registration for JISP is online only! 

The fee includes rental skates, 30 min lesson and 75 mintue free skate time on ice.  This is not a drop off program.  If your child requires supervision and if you have questions please contact Martina Grattan 802-362-0150 ext 208 or email directly.

JISP- Junior Instructional Skating Program  2020

JISP (Junior Instructional Skating Program) is an ice skating program affiliated with Learn to Skate-USA designed for all skaters ages 5yrs-13yrs.  K-8th grade. It is a structured curriculum for all levels taught by qualifies and certified skating instructors.  Northshire Skating Academy's basic skills instructors will evaluate every student to assure appropriate level placement based on your child's ability.

There are beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes available.  This program is mainly, but not exclusively, for all schools with an early dismissal day starting in January of any year.  Home schooled children are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Hockey players and future figure skaters can request special introduction during JISP outside of class times.  Private lessons are also available during public sessions.

NEW!  Volunteer Benifits

2020 JISP has new benefits for volunteers.  We are accepting three volunteers per JISP day. Every year we appreciate the extra help parents provide but this year we'd like to give a little something back in return.  You have a choice of 4 or 8 days of volunteering. Please choose one or both of the below options.  No black out dates for passes. Records/dates for each day will be kept in my office.

On Ice Volunteer will receive the following...

  1. 2 free public session passes for 4 JISP days. Value $20.00
  2. 4 free public session passes for 8 JISP days. Value $40.00

If you can drive 3 or more kids to the rink...

  1. 4 free public session skating passes for 4 weeks. Value $40.00 
  2. 8 free public skating passes for 8 weeks. Value $80.00

Riley Rink and management reserves the right to choose the best volunteers for our program.  Passes will be distributed after the volunteer days have been fulfilled.  Passes are valid for the 2020-2021 public sessions.



Beginner Basic                      1:00pm 

This class is for all beginner students. Great for first time skaters!  No previous skating experience necessary.

Beginner Basic 2              1:00pm 

Must be skating at above Basic 1 level to participate.  This class is for children who can stand and get up after a fall, unassisted. Children that can glide/skate and make their way independently around the ice surface slowly but still need some help. They will love this class. 



Intermediate Basic 3-4   1:30pm

This class is working on forward and backwards edges and forward crossovers, backward skating and turning/changing directions.


Intermediate Basic 5-6  1:30pm 

This class will focus on combining skills, backward cross overs, Mohawks, Three-turns and transitional moves.  Your child will begin to learn lunges, spirals, spins and much more.


Adult Beginner Lessons 2:00pm 

All beginner adult skaters will learn how to be comfortable on the ice.  Skills will be taught in a progressive manor therefore we encourage you to start in the beginning of the program.  If you've never skated before, not to worry!  We take it one step at a time.  If you've skated before, we'll review from the very beginning and promise a safe and good experience.

Learn to Figure Skate        2:00pm

This class will be an introduction to figure skating and “moves in the field” elements.  Students will learn spirals, proper stroking technique, beginner spins and jumps.  All levels welcome but we recommend having passed Basic 3.

Class Descriptions 

(See Full Description Here)


Q:  When does JISP start and end?

A: JISP starts the week of January 7, 2020, ends March 6th, 2020.

Q: When is the deadline to Register Online?

: JISP deadline is 12/20/19

LATE FEE: $20.00 applies to all late registrations after 12/20/19

Scholarship DEADLINE is DECEMBER 20, 2020

Q:  How much is JISP? 

A:  $139.00

Q: What level is my child?

A: Please check our class description's tab on our website or contact Martina at 802-362-0150 x208, (Skating Director) with questions. During the first two weeks of classes students will be evaluated and moved into their appropriate levels.  

Q: What if class is cancelled due to weather?

A: We do our best to stay open even when schools close, however when classes are cancelled no refunds are available for any program.  Please check Learn to Skate tab in inclement weather for updates or email

If you have any questions about JISP or Northshire Skating Academy, please contact Martina Grattan, Skating Director directly at or 802-362-0150 x208.