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Capital Campaign

Hunter Park Capital Campaign Update

History of the Hunter Fairgrounds Project

Riley Rink

A capital campaign was initiated in 2011 to raise funds to develop a 35 acre land parcel adjacent to Riley Rink. The land, previously donated to Riley Rink, was designated to be developed into a fairground and three athletic/ multi-use fields The purpose was to create spring/summer/fall outdoor operating revenue from vendors & sports teams to supplement our winter revenue.  The land was divided into two parcels for specific use.  Hunter Fairground was created to host outdoor events and second parcel would provide three sports fields for soccer and Lacrosse.  Funds donated by the Hunter Family Foundation were used to develop the Hunter Fairground into a level property with electric service & Bill Drunsic donated funds to update the walking / bike path.


Complete:  The Hunter Fairgrounds are developed and available to rent.  

Incomplete:  Our goal to raise $650,000 for the development of three fields, including funds to offset and endow their maintenance has not been met as of 12/24/2014.  To date, over $300,000 has been raised and is invested and restricted for this specific purpose.  Each donor who contributed $3,000 or more to this campaign will receive on-site recognition.  Donors contributing $150,000 or more have field naming opportunities. 

What's Next

Our capital campaign goal is to raise the additional $350,000 has been put on hold as we evaluate the best application of these funds to support the long term sustainability of RRHP.

A heartfelt thank you to all those who have contributed to this important project!

Hunter Park Field Capital Campaign Contributors

Field Naming Level: $150,000 +

James H. & Irene M. Hunter Charitable Trust

Mr. Frederic F. Taylor in memory of Judith Taylor​

Site Recognition Level: $3,000

Hunter Park Field Capital Campaign Contributors

Field Naming Level: $150,000 + Site Recognition Level: $3,000 + Patrons of Hunter Field: $1,000 - $2,999 Supporters of Hunter Field: $500 - $999 Friends of Hunter Field : $5 - $ 499
James H. & Irene M. Hunter Charitable Trust Dorothy M. Ashton Barry & Wendy Rowland Ralph F. Colin, Jr. Chip Ams
Mr. Frederic F. Taylor in memory of Judith Taylor Chip & Kit Chamberlain Michael & Diana Bickford Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bennett Mr. Richard Bartholomae
Mr. & Mrs. William Drunsic Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Childs, Jr. William P. Childs Pat & Tom Barnett
GE Matching Grant (Jackson) The Equinox Resort Diane Pouliot / Linda Benway, Casablanca Motel Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Dole
James R. Hand, Sr. Robert Ferguson Northshire Bookstore Jane Burditt
Ann & Rick Jackson Hand Motors (Hand Family) Andrea & Larry Ross Bob Cauley's Plumbing & Heating
Diane Kelly Susan Hunter in memory of Bing & Irene Hunter King & Barbara Wright John Cave
Topsy & Andrew King Tracy & Scott Pester Pat & Katherine Zilkha Rabbi Michael M. Cohen & Alison R. Hill
Charles Macintosh in memory of Peter Westra Alan Wiegand Robert & Gail Ebling
r.k. Miles Jack & Mary Hirst
The Orvis Company Bill & Katy Hancock
Adria & Michael Schozer James & Susan Heckman
Sanfra & Ben Weiss Steven E. & Leslie F. Jones
Len & Becky Kotler
Kim & Drickz Kimball
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lessing
Pauline de Laszlo
Kaye LaLonde
Jim & Pat Lee
Michael & Heidi Lynn
Rocco J. Maggiotto
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Marmer
Victoria D. McInerney
Mr. Andrew Melton, Jr.
Steve & Kim Murphy
Eric & jane Nathan in memory of Jeff Charbonneau
Patricia K. Nuckols
John & Lena Pless
Andy & Margi Putney
James & Jacqueline Quigley
Barry & Wendy Rowland
Lee & Susan Romano
BP Russell
Dr. & Mrs. Byron Sherman
Christopher Thiele
Cornelia V. Tuttle
Debra Welsh, DDS
WH Shaw Insurance Co
Jean & Ray Winkler

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